Encouraging the Elderly

Scripture: Psalm 100

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn Psalms had at least seven authors and several Psalms do not list any author.
  • Students will learn about 98 of the Psalms are celebrating and worshipping God.
  • Students will learn Psalms are often sung and have comforted God’s people for thousands of years.
  • Students will learn songs and perform for senior citizens at a local assisted living home.

Guiding Question: How does praising God through song encourage others?

Materials: Printed music for students to read, laptop to play songs

Procedure: Review Psalm 100 and the importance of praising God. Explain to the students how praising God and singing often provides peace and comfort. Songs can be used for encouragement and to draw yourself and others closer to God. Explain that the Psalms were sung to provide encouragement during tough times and also to praise God for His goodness.

Introduce the service project. Explain to the students that they are going to sing songs of praise for those in a local assisted living home. Tell the students that this is a great opportunity to provide Godly encouragement to those living there. Work with the students to research and practice songs that those at the assisted living home would have listened to when they were younger. Arrange a time for the students to go and sing for those in the assisted living home.

Additional Questions: How can singing encourage those in their community?

Supplemental Activity: have the students put together a worship night at church. Have the students prepare several worship songs and invite church members. Encourage church members to bring friends and family.

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