Pantry Sharing

Scripture: Ruth 1

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review Boaz’s generosity towards Ruth when she and Naomi needed food.
  • Students will participate in preparing a meal for a family in need.

Guiding Question: How can we address the needs of people who are hungry or need help with meals?

Materials: students’ favorite pantry food items

Procedure: Review the story of Ruth focusing on Boaz’s generosity towards her when she and Naomi lacked food and he let her glean grain in his field. Emphasize that he did not just let her take the leftover grain, but intentionally left more than usual for her. It is important to give more than just leftovers to people in need because all people are valuable and worthy.

Have students discuss their favorite home-made recipes. Create a menu for a delicious dinner using pantry items such as canned goods and packaged goods. Example: dry noodles, jar of Alfredo sauce, canned chicken to make pasta etc. Discuss what is needed for a complete meal (not a bunch of random snack foods). Have students assemble the goods in a box to make a meal that can be donated to a shelter. If students know someone who is lonely, extremely busy with work, or bound to their house due to a medical condition, have them cook the meal and eat it with them in their home.

Additional Questions:

  • How does it make people feel when they receive more than cheap “leftovers”?
  • Who can you give meals to? What kinds of people might need them?
  • What are the steps to cook your favorite meal?

Supplemental Activity: Have students make homeless food care packages. They can use a paper or plastic bag and fill it with non-perishables. Then they keep it in their car. When they see the homeless in the community, they can give them the bag. Emphasize the importance of giving food instead of money.

Written by: Savannah Negas

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