Conversion In Your Own City

Scripture: Acts 9:1-19

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Ananias and Saul’s Conversion.
  • Students will learn how God used Ananias to help convert Saul.
  • Students will understand how Saul loved God yet was unsure what God’s direction was for his life.
  • Students will learn how they can serve as missionaries in their own community.

Guiding Question: How can we serve as missionaries in our own community?

Materials: Items to set up a 1st century house, 1st century clothing,

Procedure: Review the story of Ananias and Saul’s conversion with the students. Discuss how God often works through others to help share the story of Jesus. Have the students perform the script for Acts 9:1-19. Tell students how important it is to follow God and look for how He gives us guidance and direction because we never know who He could lead us to. God has a plan for all of us including providing us with many opportunities to share about Jesus with others. Explain to students that sometimes we may have opportunities to share Jesus in our own towns and provide examples of how students can be missionaries where they live.

Have the students create a list of phrases/conversation starters they can use to start a conversation about God with others. Have the students create conversation starts for different scenarios.They can take this list with them in a bag or backpack to help them when preparing to talk to others about God. Explain the importance of staying alert to the opportunities in everyday life to sharing God with others.

Additional Questions:

  • How could you share Jesus with others through your words and actions in your community?

Supplemental Activity: Have interested students work together to come up with a list of places in their community they could share Jesus through their words and actions. Have students discuss the impact they could have by sharing Jesus in their community.

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