Add, Add, Add

Scripture: Daniel 3

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God expects us to follow Him even if others threaten to hurt or kill us if we do.
  • Students will learn God wants us to have faith in Him.
  • Students will learn even if God does not stop evil people from hurting us when we obey Him, He will make sure His people spend eternity with Him in Heaven.
  • Students will review basic addition facts.

Guiding Question: Why does God want us to trust Him in scary situations?

Materials: Addition fact flashcards

Procedure: Review the story of Shadrach and the fire. Explain that Shadrach and the others had to have a very strong faith in God during that situation and trust that God would take care of them no matter how scary the situation became. God used the situation with the fire to prove who He is and what He is able to do. When we are put in tough situations that may seem scary or uncomfortable, we have to hold on to our faith and trust that God will take care of us and/or use us to further His Kingdom and fulfill His plan for our life. Have the students share some situations that they may encounter where they may be scared or it would be hard to trust God and what they could do during that time to stay obedient.

Introduce the activity. Remind students that when the King looked into the fiery furnace, there was an additional figure: 3 people + 1 person = 4 people. Practice with students basic addition facts based on the age and academic needs. Have students get into groups and hold up a flashcard. Have the students discuss what the answer is with their group and raise their hand when they have an answer. Give a point to each team with the correct answer and continue until finished.

Additional Questions: How can students practice addition through word problems?

Supplemental Activity: Challenge students to come up with word problems using basic addition facts and then give to a partner to solve. Example: I had 3 balloons. I bought 2 more. How many balloons do I have now?

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