Future Love

Scripture: Song of Songs 1-8

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God believes it is important for married people to have a loving, godly marriage.
  • Students will learn husbands and wives should communicate their love to each other in many ways, including with their words as Solomon did here.
  • Students will learn a marriage is a very important decision that should be made very carefully.
  • Students will create an idea of what they would like their future spouse to look like.

Guiding Question: How does God was spouses to love and treat each other?

Materials: White paper, crayons, colored pencils, pencils

Procedure: Review the story of Song of Songs from the scripture above. Explain that God wants moms and dads to love each other. It can be hard to love others when life is difficult or you disagree with someone but God values marriage and Song of Songs lays out how to love your spouse with a godly love. Remind students that the best way to love someone well is turning to the Bible and seeing what it has to say about how to love others and how God wants wives and husbands to serve each other.

Give each student a piece of white paper and have them draw their future spouse. Have the students list characteristics they would want this person to have. Remind the students to think of characteristics beyond just looks. Think of characteristics that have to do with how that person loves God, treats you, their attitude, etc. After the students are done, have them share their “future spouse” and share why those characteristics are important to them. You may help add on to those characteristics if needed.

Additional Questions: How can students learn about godly love in a marriage from others?
Supplemental Activity: Have a couple in your congregation that is active in the church and been married for a long time come to class and share with the students why marriage is so important, how they love each other well, how God is present in their marriage, etc. Allow students time to ask questions.

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