Teaching God’s Miracles to Kids and Teens

Teaching God's Miracles to Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach One

It may have never dawned on you that there was anything particularly unusual about teaching your students about the miracles in the Bible. In theory, there really shouldn’t be. God’s miracles were performed to give us evidence God is the ruler of the universe and Jesus is His Son. The problems actually stem from a more modern source – theologians.

Theologians are supposedly scholars who study the Bible as their life’s work. One would hope they would have great respect for God and His Words. Unfortunately, a quick read of the writings of theologians quickly reveals many, if not most, are at best agnostic and at worst borderline atheist.

What results is a prevailing scholarly opinion that to have actually occurred, God’s miracles must be able to be replicated by natural. although rare occurrences. The problem with this mindset is that by definition God’s miracles break all of the rules of nature. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be miracles. It makes sense that the God who created the world and its “rules” of nature would be the only one who could break them and create miracles. A quick reading of the contest against Baal shows how powerful that lesson was and is.

Your students will be exposed to the erroneous thinking of theologians and others who want to discredit God and His miracles. It may be in a college class, in an article in the local newspaper or in a book they read. They need to have been taught from a young age that miracles are miracles because they break the laws of nature. Because a miracle can’t be replicated is not evidence God doesn’t exist or that the Bible is full of myths, rather it is the strongest evidence God does exist.

Very few people are taught to recognize logical fallacies. They will accept what they read or teachers tell them if the argument even sounds remotely logical. Equipping your students to avoid the logical fallacies often presented about miracles, will help them avoid the unnecessary doubt these people try to instill.

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