God Values All

Scripture: Matthew 18:1-4, Mark 9:33-35, Luke 9:46-48 and 17:7-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God does not want us to seek to be the most powerful in His Kingdom.
  • Students will learn it is our responsibility to obey and serve God.
  • Students will learn even if we serve God faithfully, we should be humble and grateful for our blessings – especially salvation.
  • Students will learn that God loves all equally no matter who they are.

Guiding Question: Why does God care more serving than about power?

Materials: No materials needed.

Procedure: Review the story of the Apostles Argue from the scriptures above. Emphasize the God is not concerned about being powerful. He is concerned about us trying to do the right and best thing for His Kingdom. Tell students that people who have power do not always care to do the right thing but God asks us to obey and serve Him first. Remind the students that serving God is about putting Him and others above ourselves. When we serve, we should be humble and always focused on God.

Bring in two adults in your congregation who are siblings or you may choose to bring in two adults who could be competing for power in the kingdom like a minister and an elder. Have each person tell the students about themselves and all of the ways they serve God. Have the students vote on who they think God values more or to whom He wants more power given – point out that God loves everyone equally and the Church is not about power but about serving. Then have each adult point out all of the ways they have seen the other person serve others rather than try to grab power or argue about who’s “best”.

Additional Questions: How can we better focus on serving rather than power?
Supplemental Activities: Divide the students into two groups. One group will create a perform a skit about a leader focused on power while the other group will create a perform a skit about a leader focused on serving. After the skits, have the students compare the two leaders and how they can be more like the leader focused on serving.

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