God Has All of the Answers

Scripture: Numbers 21

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that although God is very patient with us, eventually He can grow weary of our rebellion.
  • Students will learn that there are sometimes earthly consequences for our sins.
  • Students will learn that when Christians repent, God forgives our sins but He may or may not remove any earthly consequences.
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them find the answers to their questions in the Bible.

Guiding Question: Since God has all of the answers we need, how can we find them?

Materials: Will vary depending upon the age of your students and your resources. You should at least have a Bible for each student. If you have study aids like concordances and Bible dictionaries or other helpful reference books, bring those also. Because of the young age of the students, it is probably best to avoid using Internet resources.

Procedure: Share the story of the bronze serpent with the students. Point out that had the people trusted God and not complained about what He was asking them to do, God probably would not have sent the snakes to punish them. Even when He did though, He gave them a way to be healed by looking to God (who supplied the bronze serpent cure) for the answer to their problem.
Explain that throughout life they will have lots of questions and problems. Tell them the first place they should always go for answers is God. Sometimes they will do this by praying to God and asking Him for help. Other times they will need to decide if something is a good choice or a bad choice.

Show the students the various study aids and explain how to use them. Give them a subject like lying and help them find the scriptures that apply and would help them make a good choice about telling a lie. It may take several examples for younger students to be comfortable using the various reference tools.
Once the students are comfortable have them suggest other topics to research. Help them find the words they might use that would give them the most helpful Bible verses. If time allows and students are very comfortable with the reference tools consider having them see which pair can find the best answer or the most answers or the quickest answer to common questions.

Additional Question:

  • Sometimes the Bible has godly principles we can use, but we still may want more specific answers. What are other ways to get guidance from God?

Supplemental Activity: Have the students interview one or more of your congregation’s elders. Encourage them to ask the elders what they use in addition to the Bible to help them make wise, godly decisions.

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