Feasting for the First Passover

Scripture: Exodus 11-12

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God expects us to obey Him.
  • Students will learn sometimes there are horrible earthly consequences for disobeying God.
  • Students will learn obeying God can often protect us from earthly consequences.
  • Students will learn about and eat foods that were eaten during the First Passover in order to better understand the culture and Biblical representations.

Guiding Question: How is the story of Jesus seen through the First Passover feast?

Materials: Lamb, unleavened bread, grape juice, bitter herbs dipped in salt (endive or celery)

Procedure: Share the story of the First Passover from the scriptures above. Explain how those celebrating the passover had to obey God’s commands for the passover and that protected them. Tell the students that God expects and wants us to obey Him so we can show Him we love and honor Him while also protecting ourselves from earthly consequences. Bad earthly consequences can happen we disobey God that can also affect people close to us. (Provide examples dependent on students’ age)

Tell the students they are going to get to try different foods that were eaten during the passover feast and learn why these foods were important. Begin by reading a children’s version of seder if possible. While students are tasting foods, talk about what the food represents as they try each one.


-Lamb: Blood on doorpost foreshadows Jesus on the cross, represents sacrifice

-Unleavened bread: Foreshadows communion, when Pharaoh freed the Israelites they had to leave quick and could not wait for their bread to rise

-Grape Juice: Represents redemption of Israelites

-Bitter herbs: Represents bitterness and harsh slavery the Israelites were in during their time in Egypt

Additional Questions: How can students understand the symbolism of unleavened bread?
Supplemental Activity: Have the students make leavened and unleavened bread and then compare the difference in the time it took to make each one. Explain to the students that unleavened bread is used during Passover because the Israelites had to leave Egypt quickly when they were freed.

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