Family Word Mystery

Scripture: Genesis 3-4

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of the first family and their problems
  • Students will learn/review words used when discussing a family
  • Students will participate in an activity to reinforce family words, dwelling words, occupation words and how to use them properly

Guiding Question: What English words describe the various members of a family, where they may live and the occupations they may have?

Materials: $ mystery cards, $-$$$ costumes and props

Procedure: Review the stories in Genesis chapters three and four, focusing especially on the various family roles, living places and occupations. Teach/review basic family, dwelling and occupation nouns. Give each student a card (link). You can give multiples of the same card to additional students. If your group is very large, consider dividing the group and having multiple mysteries run at the same time in different areas of your space. Once the students have read their cards, have them choose appropriate costumes and props if available. Read the plot (link) to the entire class. Encourage the students to circulate, looking for clues as to the identity, relationship, dwelling and occupation of every person in the group. Each time they “meet” a new character, they must decide how they are related to each other by comparing their relationships to other characters they have met. (Ex: If Susie is my aunt, but your sister, then you are my aunt/uncle and I am your niece/nephew.) Characters will have to pull other people in to their conversation to find all of the family connections, who lives with whom and what each does for a living. When students believe they have the answers, have them share their discoveries. Ask questions to help them find additional family connections they may not have discovered. (Ex. If that is correct then how is she related to him?)

Additional Question: How are the various people in the book of Genesis related?

Supplemental Activity: With what you have learned about family words, create a family tree for the first few books of Genesis (adding occupations when mentioned).

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