Perfect or Fallen

Scripture: Genesis 3-4

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the details of the Fall and the story of Cain and Abel
  • Students will learn God’s original creation was perfect
  • Students will learn man’s choice to disobey God separates him from God
  • Students will learn the curses of the Fall, Satan’s influence, and the sinful choices of people are responsible for the current imperfect world
  • Students will create a project helping them recognize the difference between God’s perfect plan and the current state of the world

Guiding Question: How was life in the Garden of Eden different from the world after the Fall?

Various art supplies – paints, charcoals, colored pencils, etc.

Procedure: Review the details of the stories of Adam and Eve’s sin, their removal from the Garden of Eden, and the murder of Abel by Cain. Using the Bible as your primary source, discuss how life and the world were in the Garden of Eden versus after the Fall. Using the materials provided, have the students create a dual piece of art. One side should depict life in the Garden of Eden. The other side should show life after the Fall, either then or now. Have younger students work in pairs on a large piece of paper.

Additional Question: What problems in the world today result from the sinful choices of people?

Supplemental Activity: Divide students into two teams. Have one team create a mural of the Garden of Eden (on paper or a wall). The other team should create a mural depicting the world after the Fall.

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