Temptation Scavenger Hunt

Scripture: Genesis 3-4

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the stories of the Fall and Cain and Abel
  • Students will learn the difference between temptation and sin
  • Students will learn they have the choice to ignore temptation and refuse to sin
  • Students will learn strategies for avoiding sin when tempted

Guiding Question: What is the difference between temptation and sin and how can you avoid sinning when tempted?

Materials: multiple sets of temptation scavenger hunt cards (link to cards)

Procedure: Before students arrive, decide locations to hide the clues. If possible, have students going in different directions even if the clue is the same. Although you can still make it a race, this will force teams to focus on their own clues rather than just following another team without answering the clues. Review the stories of the Fall and Cain and Abel with the students. Discuss with them the difference between temptations and sins. Help students understand God is not upset when we are tempted. God gets upset when we choose to sin rather than choosing to obey Him. Reinforce the concept that it is always our choice to sin or to obey God.

Divide students into teams. Give each team their first clue. Each clue will give them choices about how to handle temptation. Teams should follow clues until the last clue, which should bring all of the teams to the same spot. Discuss their experiences. Which options confused them? Remind students of the strategies they can use to avoid sinning when they are tempted.

Additional Questions:

  • Does your average Christian find some strategies for avoiding sin work better than others?
  • Which strategies for avoiding sin are the most popular with the Christians you know?

Supplemental Activity: Create a “how-to” manual or video to teach others strategies for avoiding temptation. Make sure to include scripture references.

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