Making the Most of Our Gifts

Scripture: Daniel 2, Daniel 5

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that God gives Christians gifts to use in the Kingdom.
  • Students will learn it is important to know their gifts a finda way to serve God with them.
  • Students will experiment with different gifts to see if one of those gifts is something they have.
  • Students will talk to people who have various gifts and hear how they use their gifts to serve God.

Guiding Question: How can our talents be used to serve God?

Materials: Guest speakers each with a different talent (possibilities include art, music, woodworking, cooking, sewing, etc.) , tables for each speaker to talk about their gift and have materials that show their gift

Procedure: Review the stories of Daniel, focusing especially on the gifts God gave Daniel. Older students may also want to discuss how being taken into captivity could have convinced Daniel his life was ruined if he hadn’t trusted God. Discuss the many times Daniel used his gifts from God to point others to God.

Explain to the students that God gives Christians various gifts to help in His Kingdom. Ask the students to share what they think their gift might be. Explain to the students that several people from the congregation are here to share their gift and how they use them for God. Tell the students they can go to each person and learn more about that gift and how they use it. After the students are finished talking to the guest speakers, have them come back together and share what they learned and one gift they may like to try.

Additional Questions: How can we further develop our gifts for God?
Supplemental Activity: Have students write down what they think is their best gift they can use for God. Divide students into groups and have each student share their gift and how they can use it for God. Have the other students in the group give suggestions on even more ways to use it or call out another gift they see in that

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