The Period of Judges

Scripture: Judges 1

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn that God wants us to have godly servant-like leadership qualities in order to lead others and ourselves.
  • Students will learn about the period of Judges.
  • Students will learn about the battles that occurred during the period of Judges.

Guiding Question: How did God use judges to lead His will?

Materials: Pencils, paper, tape, drawing utensils, Bibles


Explain that Judges is yet another era in the history of God’s people. Joshua has died and the people are living in the Promised Land but they begin to forget everything God has done and continues to do for them. They periodically turn to false gods and God punishes them by allowing them to be taken over by enemies. The people eventually repent and ask God for help. He raises up judges to lead the battles that remove the enemy until the next time. The period of Judges is supposed to be about 300 years.

Make a giant timeline with students to review what God has done up until this point that the people should have remembered. Start with Creation and leave room to add the various Judges as you study them. Have students illustrate each event on the timeline and hang it in your classroom for future review and reference.

Additional Questions: How can students demonstrate their understanding of events during the period of Judges?

Supplemental Activities: Have the students create a poster of a major event/battle during the period of Judges.

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