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Do Personalities Matter for Children and Teen Bible Class Teachers?

Do Personalities Matter for Children and Teen Bible Class Teachers - Teach One Reach OneChurches, mission fields and faith-based tutoring programs often have interesting beliefs about volunteers. One of the most prevalent is that any “warm body” will do – it’s the curriculum and program offerings as a whole that really matter. As a result, many of these groups trying to reach children and teens for God will allow untrained volunteers to work with kids. While we will address that in other blog posts, there is an even more disturbing result of this attitude.

At times, these ministries will place volunteers as teachers and mentors who are shall we say a bit “prickly”. They may not really want to be volunteers, but have been guilted to “fill a slot”. Worse yet, some may not even like kids or teens or have very negative attitudes towards them.

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How Teach One Reach One Can Help Your Ministry to Kids and Teens (Inc. Lots of Free Resources!)

How Teach One Reach One Can Help Your Ministry to Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneYou may have just stumbled upon Teach One Reach One or perhaps you attended one of our workshops, seminars or classes and are wondering what other resources we have to help you.

God has blessed this ministry and we are constantly adding to the resources designed to help Christian parents and the volunteers working with kids and teens in churches, faith-based tutoring programs and on the mission fields of the world.

Currently, these are just some of the resources you can find on our website or can attain by contacting us directly through the contact us feature on our websites.

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What Are Your Sunday School Students Thinking?

What Are Your Sunday School Students Thinking - Teach One Reach OneHave you ever wondered what the students in your Bible or faith based tutoring classes are thinking? Do you have any idea what they like or don’t like about your class? Do you know what they think would help them learn more (whether they are right or not)? Do you know how they feel about you as a person and your relationship with them? If you don’t, you are missing an important tool to reaching your students and pointing them towards God in the most effective ways possible.

Much of what we promote at Teach One Reach One is based on our interactions with students. We try out many of our materials with real students and ask for their feedback. We talk with them and find out what they feel they need from classes and teachers trying to help them learn about God. Why? Because even if what they think they want isn’t what they actually want or need to best learn, knowing how they think helps a teacher adjust lessons and activities so students will be the most receptive to them.

There is a great secular book on the market I would love for you to read. It is written by and about students in high school. Many of the co-authors are (or were by now) students in inner city schools, known for students acting out in ways like setting fires in bathrooms when they are bored or frustrated. Fires In The Bathroom by Kathleen Cushman and a number of teens is a great insight into the minds of students.

Even though it was written about secular high schools, I think you will find much of what these students share would be shared in similar ways by students of any age and in any type of school – including church Bible classes and faith based tutoring programs. The author is careful to present student thoughts exactly as they were given. At times, this means non-standard grammar or immature ideas and hopes, but the bulk of what these kids share is valid and important.

If you are not an educator, you may be a little distracted in the chapters that tend to focus on a specific subject or appear on the surface to be unrelated to what happens in Bible classes at church. I encourage you though to take a step back and substitute church for school, Bible class and Bible class teacher for their classes and teachers and the Bible as the subject being discussed. If you can do that, I believe you will start learning a lot of truths about how your students think and feel about you and your class.

Then take your research a step further and ask your students if they think the information the students share in the book applies to how they feel and think. As we have mentioned many times before, you will need to reassure them you want the truth and not what they think you want to hear from them. If they believe you, you may learn some important things you can do to really make a difference in the spiritual lives of your students. Just remember, as with the book, these are still young people who are growing and maturing. Not everything they want may be what is best for them, but even those things give you important clues to the best ways to get their attention and touch their hearts and minds – you may just have to adapt it a bit to make it helpful!




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Resources for Leaders of Ministries to Children and Teens

Great resources for Leaders of Ministries to Children and Teens - Teach One Reach One


We have a lot of exciting new free resources for you coming soon. While you wait though, I wanted to share our favorite resources for leaders. If you are “just a volunteer”, please keep reading. Our philosophy at Teach One Reach One is that everyone is a leader. Not in the “rule the world” sense of the word. Every Christian should think of themselves though, as one who is trying to lead others to Christ.

We always highly suggest everyone read books on leadership and other topics that will help them as they minister to others. The following books are ones I have loved and that have a lot of principles and tips I have personally found very helpful. They are not all Christian books and some of their ideas must be slightly adapted at times, but each has tremendous potential for having a positive impact on your ministry.

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Great Gifts for Volunteer Bible Class Teachers

great Gifts for Bible Class Teachers - Teach One Reach OneWhether you teach a class of elementary Sunday School students, volunteer in a faith-based tutoring program, teach devotionals for teens or participate in mission trips serving children and/or teens, you need to spend time improving your skills. For volunteers like you or someone you know, this can be difficult. Carving out extra time to take classes or attend training sessions can be tough.

What almost anyone can find the time to do though, is read a book. While no book is perfect and just reading a book won’t necessarily translate to improved teaching skills, in many cases you will learn things to enhance what you are currently doing with your students.

The list below contains some of my favorite books to recommend to volunteers working with children and teens. They make great resources for yourself or great gifts for the volunteers you know. Not all of these books are Christian, but often in this particular area secular books can be more helpful – successful teaching skill sets are very similar whether you are teaching kids about secular subjects or God. I have included affiliate links to give you access to more detailed information and prices to compare to your favorite bookseller.

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