Cookies, Kids and God

Cookies, Kids and God - Teach One Reach OneKids love cookies. Yes, most recipes will never win any healthy food awards, but an occasional treat is usually allowed by most parents. A good cookie recipe can be your ticket to reaching your students.

I’m not a big fan of cookies in class, although there may be a reason to serve them from time to time. Cookies can be a way though,  to begin developing a mentoring relationship with your students. There is something about a cookie that communicates warmth and celebration.

Consider baking a batch of cookies and taking them to the home of one of your students. While you are delivering them, take a few minutes to get to know your student and his family a little better.

Host a service project outside of class time. Serve your students homemade cookies to celebrate completing your project. Talk about what happened and what your students learned while you eat.

Take your students on a class field trip. Many cities have museums that display artifacts from the places and times covered in the Bible. Have an afternoon snack picnic after your museum visit. As you snack, discuss what your students thought about the real objects compared to what they had pictured when they read the stories in the Bible.

Your cookies don’t have to be fancy, although hopefully they are edible! (Watch out for the allergies of your students.) The trick to a great cookie is more about the love with which it is made than the recipe. So get cooking and use the results to help you mentor your students outside of class time.

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