Teach One Reach One was created to provide all the lesson resources you might need for your class or program. Whether it’s our storytelling tips, activity ideas, lesson plans, baptism study, or more, you will find it here.

Children’s Lesson Plans
The ultimate purpose of Teach One Reach One is to help you teach children about God in the most effective and memorable ways possible. These lesson plans will help you achieve this goal in your classroom.

Living the Christian Life Teen Curriculum
We hope to give teens a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge, an understanding of the commands and principles God wants them to apply to their lives, and the tools and practice to apply these godly commands and principles consistently in their lives through this curriculum.

Teen Devotionals
These can be used for casual devotionals or in a more traditional teen Bible class. They include many of the same features of our Teen Christian Life Skills Curriculum, but are designed to be completed in an hour or less. You will find a variety of topics are covered in one to four devotionals.

Guiding Principles
We have developed some basic guidelines for using Teach One Reach One resources in the classroom.

Storytelling Tips
Everything in the Teach One Reach One program revolves around the Bible story. Here are some tips for telling Bible lessons in memorable ways.

Activity Goals
Each lesson plan offers a choice of activities in nine different categories. This explains the goals for each category.

Activity Ideas
If you are looking for activity ideas, you can find them grouped by subject here.

Baptism Study
This study provides both a student and leader guide with lessons, activities, and important scriptures.

Scope and Sequence
Our scope and sequence will allow you to use our activity ideas to teach academic subjects in the appropriate sequence.