Resources We Love for Bible Class Teachers

Although Teach One Reach One Ministries provides tons of free resources for your ministries to children, teens and parents, we are always looking for other items that may enhance your ministry. Here are three we love that we want to share with you this week. (These are not sponsored recommendations, but items we truly love.)

  • Rose Bible Charts. Available in both echarts, printed charts and books, these are great for keeping all of that information you research time and time again in one place. They have charts of buildings like the Temple, topics like Jewish holidays and information on various people, places and events in the Bible. Personally, I appreciate their weekly emails that provide partial echarts for free. I download them on iBooks where I can access them easily. I have also purchased a few during their sales that have illustrations and diagrams I can share with my Bible students. Sign up for their emails at
  • Archaeological Study Bible. This is one of my all time favorite study Bibles. Footnotes are full of helpful historical, cultural and archaeological information. The authors are better than most at an even handed presentation of scholarly opinions. While I sometimes differ in their conclusions (for example the need to explain miracles with science – I believe the very use of the word miracle implies it was unexplainable except through God) – I find the vast majority of their footnotes and sidebars add a lot of information that will interest young Bible students and help strengthen their faith.
  • The Bible Read in Hebrew. One of our readers shared this great resource with us recently. This website features free audio files of the Bible being read in Hebrew. Playing snippets for young Bible students can help them hear the Hebrew language spoken properly. Files could also be played as background noise for biblical scenes students experience in your class (for example a recreation of the Temple or synagogue).

Know of a resource that might benefit other Bible class teachers? Let us know. We would love to share it with our readers if we think it will enhance their ministry.

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