This Week’s Christian Volunteer Challenges

Social media outlets are limiting access to more and more posts from non-profits like Teach One Reach One Ministries. We don’t want you to miss our daily Christian volunteer challenges and their tips and encouragement. We have decided for now, we will re-post the challenges for the previous week each Saturday. You may want to tackle them during the weekend or post them on your refrigerator and using them for ideas in the coming week.

To make it easier for you, we have listed them by the original date they posted, but you can use them on different days or do several in one day – whatever works best for you. (The content is copied directly from our social media posts, so some of the wording may appear a little out of context.) We hope delivering the challenges to your email in a printable format will give you a helpful new resource to use in ministering to young people and their families.

Monday: Summer is starting in a few weeks. Most young people are normally enrolled in summer programs. A lot of these programs have been cancelled this year, leaving many children at risk. Consider giving young people the things they need to grow and learn this summer, rather than wasting time, getting into trouble or worse. Find ways to touch base with each of them individually throughout the summer (at least weekly). Your loving intervention could change the life of someone.

Tuesday: Are your Bible students blooming? God gave each of them at least one gift to use in service to Him, doing the good works He has prepared in advance for them. Do what you can to help them discover and develop those gifts in part by providing lots of diversity in the types of activities and services projects you do. Get creative yourself and perhaps provide at home simple projects taught by talented members online. Encourage them to share how they use their gifts to serve God as they teach young people how to do their gift. Their individual gifts won’t be a match for every young person, but with enough variety you may help your Bible students discover gifts they may not have found otherwise.

Wednesday: What are you doing to help your students think of God’s Words as being as sweet as honey? Part of the answer is sharing your own enthusiasm for reading scripture. Communicate it by having enthusiasm in your tone of voice when you talk about scripture, sharing verses you are reading at home and how they impact you and letting them know how all of those passages can change their lives and their eternities.

Thursday: Did you know you probably aren’t seeing everything on Facebook we post to help and encourage you? The only way to make sure you’re seeing new posts is to go to our website and sign up for our newsletter. Every Sunday, you will receive one email that contains our new posts for the week. And starting this week, we will share the daily volunteer challenges so you have them each day to be encouraged and help you enhance your ministry. So head on over to and sign up for the newsletter!

Friday: Many summer activities for young people are cancelled this year. Giving families the tools to stay engaged with each other and God is a great way to minister to them. We have lots of great blog posts and activity ideas to help. Spend some time today checking out our website and sharing helpful information.

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