Using Service Projects in Children’s Bible Classes

Rock Soup Food Drive – Teach One Reach OneRead through the Bible and you may just be surprised how many times God commands us to serve others – either in general or very specifically. God understands there are times in life that all of us will need a bit of extra help from others. He wants us to be willing to step up and be that person who helps. He also wants us to learn to use those opportunities to show God’s love for others and point them to Him – either through encouragement (for Christians we serve) or faith sharing.

Children’s Bible classes are a great place to begin helping children practice serving others. Don’t just throw a random service project at them. Use our website to locate the service project tied to your Bible lesson (or find a service project you like and teach the Bible lesson to which it is tied). Discuss how God wants us to act as we serve others. Help your students meet and interact with those they are serving if at all possible. Teach them to constantly look for ways to serve others and share their faith.

You don’t need to do a service project each week, but try to include at least one each quarter. Extend the experience beyond class time and have the children go somewhere to serve someone or to deliver the objects they made or collected to be of service. Make time for them to get to know the people and hear their stories. Spend time after the experience talking about what the students think they learned from talking to others (be careful they don’t assume the story of one or two people necessarily represents everyone that looks like them or is in a similar situation).

Adding service to your curriculum can add depth to the learning your students do. It can also change attitudes and hearts. More importantly, it can give you opportunities to share your servant heart with your students and bond to them in influential ways. Service is a great way to make your class even more effective in reaching your students for God.

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