A COVID Twist on Group Service Projects

Whether your ministry is currently virtual, in person or hybrid, it looks like COVID restrictions may increase in some areas until we can be vaccinated in the next few weeks or months. One of the best ways for your Bible students to learn how to put all of the pieces of a Christian life together is by completing projects that encourage them to serve others and share their faith.

COVID restrictions can make this difficult. There are a few tweaks you can make though that will allow your students to have the same experience, but with the added benefit of doing it with family members. Here’s how to make the necessary modifications.

  • Choose your project carefully. Try to find a project that students can each complete at home with their parents. An example? Provide fleece or have families purchase it. Cut it in scarf lengthens. Then have families fringe both ends and tie knots at the end of each fringe. We have tons of additional service project ideas on our website, many of which lend themselves to participation in multiple locations.
  • Provide adequate training and support. As with any service project, you want to provide ties to scripture, goals for both the project and individual spiritual growth for those participating and clear instructions for the project itself. You can do this through online meetings, emails, mail, texts, etc.
  • Have a deadline for completion. Without a deadline, many families won’t find the time to actually do the project. Send regular reminders to encourage those who may be procrastinating.
  • Share results. If you are doing the scarf project, keep an overall tally of how many scarves have been completed and how many given to someone who needed it. Also have a place where families can share stories of positive things that happened, whether it was the gratitude of a recipient, being able to share the Gospel message with someone or something positive that working together as a family did for them.
  • Schedule a reflection activity. This serves several purposes. It allows you to celebrate how God used you all to serve others and share His good news. Reflection time also allows you to find out what went well and what glitches may have occurred. It’s also a way to encourage families and individuals to take additional steps in personal spiritual growth, helping others and faith sharing. Reflection sessions can be online, allowing everyone to participate safely.

Don’t stop group service projects because of COVID. You may find modifying leads to even more positive results for everyone involved.

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