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Fun Ways to Teach Kids Empathy

Fun Ways to Teach Kids Empathy - Teach One Reach OneOne of the reasons kids can say and do hurtful things to each other is because they have no empathy for the other person. They don’t know how to put themselves in the place of someone else  and realize how hurtful their words and actions could be to them. Or they can’t understand why everyone doesn’t like the same things they do. “Different” to many young people means bad, because what they like is “normal” and therefore great in comparison to anyone who differs from them.

As Christians, it is vital to learn to be empathetic. It falls under the “love others as we love ourselves” command. If young people don’t develop empathy, they won’t love anyone different from them enough to serve them or share their faith with them.

So what are some ways to help your students begin to develop more empathy for others? Here are a few of my favorites.

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Great Resources for Mentoring Parents of Bible Class Students

Great Resources for Mentoring Parents of Bible Class Students - Teach One Reach OneIn Mentoring Your Students’ Parents, we made the case for Bible class teachers of children and teens providing some mentoring support for the parents of their students. Christian parenting is hard if you had great Christian parents, it can be unbelievably difficult if you didn’t. Offering or suggesting resources to all of your parents can be a less threatening way to begin mentoring them. Those who are interested in learning even more can then easily approach you fro more mentoring help.

There are so many ways you can provide mentoring help. Not all of them require the parents of your students reading books. Not every one wants to put that kind of time into reading and in some environments your parents may be functionally illiterate and unable to process books written on a higher reading level.

So what are some of our favorite parenting resources?

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Google and Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Google and Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Parenting Like HannahIs it even possible to live life without the help of Google? It’s funny how something that didn’t even exist when most of us were kids is now the ultimate authority for everything. If anyone has a question about anything, the phones come out and Google is consulted for the answer.

The only problem is Google isn’t God. They don’t really vet the entries that are placed first for truth and reliability. In fact, many people pay to have their entries move up in the order or employ some other methods to be high on the Google “answer sheet” for our questions.

This probably doesn’t matter if you are given inaccurate information about the age of an actor or the name of the third vice president of the United States. Unfortunately, the stakes are a bit higher when young people may be building their Bible understanding and faith foundations based on what you have discovered on a Google search.

On the other hand, Google can really be of help to the Bible class teacher. You can have resources at your fingertips that would have been unavailable to you a few decades ago. The trick is knowing how to use Google to help your Bible class and not undermine what you are trying to do. Here are some things to consider the next time you want Google to help.

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Free Training Resources for Volunteers Teaching Bible Classes to Kids and Teens

Free Training Resources for Volunteers Teaching Bible Classes to Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneOften churches, ministries and mission fields do little, if any, volunteer training. Many believe it is difficult enough to recruit volunteers and if you require extra time from them for training, they will leave. Yet, what many leaders don’t realize is they could often have more volunteers and more effective ministries if they provided regular volunteer training.

Our philosophy at Teach One Reach One is that reaching our kids and teens for God (and their parents) is the most important work any Christian can do. We make it a priority to provide as many high quality, free resources to you as we possibly can. We add new resources regularly, so if you can’t find what you need or want on the list below, contact us and we will do what we can to help you.

If you take a look around our website, you can find the following free resources both for training and your ministry:

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Learning Objectives in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

Learning Objectives in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens - Parenting Like HannahHow do you prepare for teaching your Bible class? Do you read your teacher’s manual? Do you look up the scriptures in the Bible and read them? Do you gather materials for the activities? Do you spend time thinking and praying about the learning objectives for that lesson?

I would guess you were answering each question “yes” until we reached the last question about learning objectives. You may have a fuzzy idea of what they are or have never heard the term before. You may even be a professional educator, but never really thought about learning objectives in the Bible class you teach at church or in some other ministry.

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