Christian Volunteer Challenges Week 3

We hope receiving the daily Christian volunteer challenges in a printable format weekly is helping you use and share them more easily. Here are the challenges from this past week.

Monday: Our routine when we visit our daughter and SIL in California is to eat at In N Out after we check into the hotel. It’s a comforting routine after a long day of cross country travel. Young people find comfort in routines. This applies to Bible classes, too. Your Bible students have had all of their routines changed because of COVID. This can leave them feeling off balance. Providing new routines for your class can help them feel safer in a world that can feel very chaotic. Spend some time thinking of ways you can help provide your students with the comfort of routine.

Tuesday: This was my first taste of dandelion greens. Not bad, but it would probably take me several other experiences eating them to become a true fan. Your Bible students may react to the concept of independent Bible reading as if you are asking them to eat dandelion greens for the first time. The trick is to find different ways to encourage and motivate them to try reading their Bibles at home for the first time…then a second time…then making it a habit. You can search our blog for ideas to motivate students to make Bible study a regular part of their day.

Wednesday: School, church and ministry classes for kids and teens have changed a lot over the years. Some of the changes have been ineffective though. At Teach One Reach One ministries we sort through educational research, brain science, scripture and more to help you separate ineffective fads from best practices. On our website, we have free volunteer training resources and blog about our findings. The best way to stay current is to subscribe to our newsletter. Delivered to your email once a week, it contains the blog posts for the week and all of our challenges in case you missed one. So take a few minutes right now to head over to our website and sign up for our newsletter.

Thursday: Many summer ministry activities for kids and teens have been cancelled this year. Have you thought about some new ways to help them grow spiritually and avoid making poor choices this summer? Check back this weekend for one idea we are using to help at-risk kids.

Friday: Do you understand the worlds of your Bible students? Even kids raised in the same families have different experiences that shape them. Understanding the factors impacting your Bible students can help you enhance your Bible lessons by allowing you to differentiate your choice of scriptures, questions and activities to best meet the spiritual needs of your students. Understanding the worlds of your students takes extra time and effort, but can lead to Bible classes that are much more impactful.

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