Free Training Resources for Volunteers Teaching Bible Classes to Kids and Teens

Free Training Resources for Volunteers Teaching Bible Classes to Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneOften churches, ministries and mission fields do little, if any, volunteer training. Many believe it is difficult enough to recruit volunteers and if you require extra time from them for training, they will leave. Yet, what many leaders don’t realize is they could often have more volunteers and more effective ministries if they provided regular volunteer training.

Our philosophy at Teach One Reach One is that reaching our kids and teens for God (and their parents) is the most important work any Christian can do. We make it a priority to provide as many high quality, free resources to you as we possibly can. We add new resources regularly, so if you can’t find what you need or want on the list below, contact us and we will do what we can to help you.

If you take a look around our website, you can find the following free resources both for training and your ministry:

  • Volunteer Training Resources. These are some of the handouts we give to attendees at our workshops and seminars. We have additional ones we have yet to post or that are in development, so check back regularly for new resources.
  • Free E-books. We currently have two free e-books. One is tips for mastering mission trips serving kids and teens and the other is our popular baptism study with leader guide. If you have another e-book you would like us to write, contact us and we will consider it for our next e-book!
  • Teaching Tips BlogCurrently, we post at least once a week with tips, ideas and resources to help you be the most effective teacher possible. You can sign up on the website to have them delivered directly to your email or check the website or Teach One Reach One Facebook group page for links to new posts.
  • Daily Christian Volunteer ChallengesLike our group page and check back every morning for a daily challenge. These are quick little tips to help your ministry be even more effective in reaching young people. We also link to the latest blog posts and this is often the first place you will hear about new resources being posted.
  • Free Lesson Plans. You can find lesson plans for over 200 Bible stories, in addition to teen devotionals and our Living the Christian Life Teen Curriculum online.
  • Free Activity Ideas. This area is still in development with new resources added regularly. You can already find a variety of activity ideas for Bible classes, service projects, faith-based tutoring and more. Eventually, every Bible story will have multiple activity ideas online for you to try.
  • Free Printable Parenting Tip Sheets. Want to support the parents of your students in their Christian parenting? Consider sending home one of these free printable parenting resources on a variety of topics. Many are also translated into Spanish.
  • Christian Parenting Blog. This is another great resource to share with the parents of your students. Three times a week we share tips, fun activity ideas, encouragement and reviews of new books. Parents can sign up on the Parenting Like Hannah website to have these posts delivered to their email or join our private, closed Facebook Parenting Like Hannah community for links to the latest posts.
  • Parenting Like Hannah Private Facebook CommunityWant a place to find out about our latest free parenting resources or to ask other experienced Christian parents for advice? Like the idea of challenging parents daily to improve their Christian parenting skills? Ask to join this group and immediately have access to our free parenting interview videos and more.
  • And More. We are starting to add recipes, scripts, videos, tip sheets for volunteers and more to our site. A few are already online, but keep checking as we add more.

Still want the extra help of an onsite consultant or someone to conduct workshops and seminars for your staff, volunteers and parents of your students? Founder Thereasa Winnett has limited availability to come to your location and provide that extra bit of help and encouragement you may need. We do ask to be reimbursed for travel costs and for housing and food while onsite. Limited scholarships are available for mission fields outside of the U.S. and urban ministries in the U.S. Contact us for availability and estimated costs.

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