What Are Teach One Reach One Principles?

What Are Teach One Reach One Principles - Teach One Reach OneIf you are new to the Teach One Reach One website, you may wonder why we have all of these free resources. What are we trying to do? It’s really quite simple. We believe the Church is losing young people, not for any of the normally stated reasons, but because they are not given a strong enough foundation as children and teens. Without this strong, godly foundation, they are subject to the temptations of wanting to have church done their way. If they run into problems or push back, the lack of a foundation allows them to move on easily – sometimes totally away from God.

We believe there are multiple reasons children and teens are not building the necessary strong godly foundations in their lives. We can’t solve all of them, but we are making our best effort to give people the tools to solve as many of these issues as we possibly can. We want as many of these resources as possible to be entirely free. We believe this will allow everyone who needs them to have access to them without worrying about any financial constraints they may have.

So what are some of the issues we are trying to address?

  • In Bible Classes – We want every child and teen to experience Bible classes that have a real, tangible, meaningful impact on their daily lives. This means Bible lessons that are presented as much more than just stories, but that contain godly principles for us. It means having activities that are carefully constructed to be hands-on, experiential, meaningful and memorable. It means being challenged to read their Bibles at home, pray without ceasing and putting the godly principles taught in class into action every day of their lives. Teach One Reach One Bible classes are designed to help students learn not only how God wants them to live their lives, but also prepares them to reach their godly potential.
  • At Home – We realize many parents do not have the tools or the knowledge to help their children build a strong godly foundation or to reach their godly potential. We are constantly developing new tools you can share with the parents of the students in your programs. From free printable parenting resources (coming very soon), to a Christian parenting blog with tips and ideas, you will find many things to support your families in their attempts to disciple their children towards God at home.
  • In Faith Based Tutoring Programs and on the Mission Fields – We have found many struggle with how to incorporate Bible with more secular subjects in meaningful ways. Others struggle with how to guide the groups serving them to be more effective in the ways they serve. We have developed meaningful activities with strong ties to Bible lessons for secular subjects from language arts and math to ESL, science, health and more. Our workshops can help you better prepare the teams coming to serve you. Our structure makes it easier to assign specific lessons to each group so you avoid overlap and repetitive activities. Our activities help groups who struggle with knowing how to effectively teach children and teens.
  • For Leaders – We have found leaders rarely believe they have the time to feed themselves and continue to grow. We have numerous workshops to help leaders with volunteer management, training interns or even training your people to conduct our workshops regularly for your volunteers, parents or mission teams. Our blog often has tips to encourage you on your journey as a leader. We can even provide consultation to help you address any issues your program is having or help you map out new programs for kids and teens.

Continue to check the Teach One Reach One website. From service project ideas to activities to teaching tips and more, there is something for almost anyone who works with children or teens. If you don’t see a resource you need, feel free to contact us and let us know. You may find it is already in development or you might convince us to add it to our list. We want to help you help every child you meet build a strong godly foundation.

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