Using Anchor Charts in Bible Classes for Children

Using Anchor Charts in Bible Classes for Children - Teach One Reach One


If you haven’t had a child in elementary school over the last few years, you may have no idea what an anchor chart is. Usually written on a large piece of paper, it captures important information about a particular topic. Often in school, it may include the rules or steps students need to remember to complete a task accurately.

So how can these be helpful in a Bible class for kids? It’s not something you will necessarily do consistently, but under certain circumstances an anchor chart can really increase student comprehension.

There are probably lots of ways to use an anchor chart in a Bible school class for elementary students, but these ideas can get you started:

  • Theme Anchor Charts. Are you doing a series of lessons around a specific theme? Is it a concept your students may not totally understand? You may want to create an anchor chart for the topic and add the new information you learn about it each time you have class.
  • Vocabulary Anchor Charts. You can create an anchor chart for “Bible Words We Want to Learn.” As you read scripture or have class discussions, students can suggest adding a new word to the anchor chart. You can add the definition then or the next time you meet. Each class period, you can review previous words before starting the new lesson.
  • Bible People, Places or Things Anchor Charts. Doing a series of lessons on King David? Anchor chart each week the new things you learned about him. If all of your stories happen in Jerusalem or involve light, you may want to create an anchor chart.

As with any educational aide, there are some important tips to remember:

  • Don’t overuse anchor charts. After completing an anchor chart, wait awhile before starting another. Anything done too frequently can lose its effectiveness.
  • Be creative. Use different colored markers. Add illustrations or symbols. Make your anchor chart as visually appealing as possible.
  • Remember not every student will benefit from anchor charts. Students who aren’t visual learners or struggle with reading won’t get as many benefits from an anchor chart. Reading it out loud though, can help compensate for any issues students may have with the visual aspects of it.

Anchor charts can be another useful tool in helping students understand important biblical concepts. Adding them to your lessons from time to time can increase what your students understand and remember about your class. It’s worth giving them a try and seeing what happens.

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