Summer Reading List for Bible Students

Today’s students are accustomed to the idea of summer reading. Some schools assign specific books, while others just expect students to read a certain number of hours over the summer. Younger children also often participate in library or bookstore reading challenges.

This summer, why not suggest some Christian books for your students to read? You may even want to host book club meetings outside of your regular class time where you discuss what you are reading together. In book clubs for younger students, you may want to include some activities to keep their interest level high.

There are a lot of books you can suggest, but these are some favorites from our daughter when she was younger.

The list below is not complete and not all are technically “Christian” books. They are all, however, books that will get your students thinking. Even if you don’t host a book club, give students some way to share with you some of the things from these books they particularly liked and others with which they are not sure they agree.

Not all of these books are appropriate for every child and many of these should only be read by teens. Please do your own research before suggesting your students read a particular book. You may want to run the list by parents before giving it to their children. Older children can also find series like Christy Miller, which will satisfy their desire to read some quality fiction books.

Many of the books today have hidden agendas for promoting ungodly thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Some of these your students will be forced to read in the process of their education. Providing books that encourage godly thinking and empathy can help counter some of these influences. (Of course, the Bible will always be the best counterculture tool you can ever give your students.)

Have fun reading this summer – some of these books I have enjoyed as much as our daughter did – you may want to read the same books yourself. Encouraging your students to read books that make them think more deeply about what you are teaching them in Bible class can improve the chances they are more intentional in how they live the Christian life.

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