Encouraging Parents to Extend Bible Learning at Home

Encouraging Parents to Extend Bible Learning at Home - Teach One Reach OneIf you have ever been a parent, you know getting an accurate description of an event from a very young child can often be a challenge. “What did you learn in class today”, can get responses as varied as “I don’t know” to a detailed description of how Johnny pulled Susie’s hair. Even if you wanted to review what was covered in class at home, you may be at a loss.

As a teacher or tutor, you can take a few extra minutes of your time and help parents help you. Before each class, type a brief parents letter to copy and send home with your students. The letter should not be more than one page and should cover a few basics:

  • What lesson subject or topics were taught in class today.
  • The scriptures or page numbers covered in your lesson.
  • One or two interesting activities you did in your class to reinforce the lesson.
  • One or two easy suggestions of activities for parents to do with their children to reinforce the lesson at home.

As a volunteer, your time is a valuable gift you are giving to God. By communicating clearly and regularly with parents, you can more than double what you are able to do in the time you have with your students. Giving parents the necessary tools to review with your students at home, will help many of your students master the material you share much more quickly. The letters home also serve as a welcoming way to encourage a relationship with the parents of your students and reflecting God’s love to them, too.

Parent letters may seem like one more demand of your time. Done consistently however, you may find your students’ parents are helping make your job a lot easier. Even if parents aren’t able to extend your lessons at home, they will at least know a little more accurately what your child learned in class that day!

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