Ten Plagues

Scripture: Exodus 7-10

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God is the only God.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show the Egyptians their gods were false.
  • Students will learn God used the ten plagues in part to show us and the Israelites He is ruler of everything.

Interesting Facts:

  • A museum in Holland has an Egyptian papyrus that most believe was actually a copy of an even older papyrus. It reads in part “Nay, but the heart is violent. Plague stalks through the land and blood is everywhere … . Nay, but the river is blood. Does a man drink from it? As a human he rejects it. He thirsts for water … . Nay, but gates, columns and walls are consumed with fire … . Nay but men are few. He that lays his brother in the ground is everywhere … . Nay but the son of the high-born man is no longer to be recognized … . The stranger people from outside are come into Egypt … . Nay, but corn has perished everywhere. People are stripped of clothing, perfume and oil. Everyone says “there is no more”. The storehouse is bare … . It has come to this. The king has been taken away by poor men.” This may or may not actually be referring to the plagues, but it’s definitely very similar.
  • Some of the plagues were showing God’s superiority over the Egyptian gods of those things. For example shouldn’t the god of the Nile be able to prevent God from turning it to blood?

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