Great Gifts for Volunteer Bible Class Teachers

great Gifts for Bible Class Teachers - Teach One Reach OneWhether you teach a class of elementary Sunday School students, volunteer in a faith-based tutoring program, teach devotionals for teens or participate in mission trips serving children and/or teens, you need to spend time improving your skills. For volunteers like you or someone you know, this can be difficult. Carving out extra time to take classes or attend training sessions can be tough.

What almost anyone can find the time to do though, is read a book. While no book is perfect and just reading a book won’t necessarily translate to improved teaching skills, in many cases you will learn things to enhance what you are currently doing with your students.

The list below contains some of my favorite books to recommend to volunteers working with children and teens. They make great resources for yourself or great gifts for the volunteers you know. Not all of these books are Christian, but often in this particular area secular books can be more helpful – successful teaching skill sets are very similar whether you are teaching kids about secular subjects or God. I have included affiliate links to give you access to more detailed information and prices to compare to your favorite bookseller.


Students and Thinking

Service Projects

Teaching Students In Other Cultures

Teaching Students With Special Needs



The old saying is so very true. The best teachers are lifelong learners and readers. Take some time and read a few of these books or others excellent teachers you know suggest. It will make a difference in how you teach and how well your students learn.


Affiliate links are included for your convenience.

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