Teaching Children’s Bible Classes Like Your Hair Is On Fire

Teaching Children's Bible Classes Like Your Hair Is On Fire - Teach One Reach One
I tab great ideas in books. This one came away with plenty.

The focus of Teach One Reach One is helping volunteers in churches, ministries and on the mission field enhance what they are doing as they teach the Bible to children and teens (granted sometimes with a little secular education added in faith based tutoring programs). Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great outside resources I can suggest for you to read that I believe are really going to take your teaching to the next level.

Most of the best books on education are written for the secular educator. With a little tweaking though, they can often give you lots of great tips for your Bible class as well.

Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire by Rafe Esquith is a classic in education circles. There is a reason books become classics. In non-fiction circles, it is usually because a lot of people have found them helpful. This book is no exception.

While written for the secular educator, there are a lot of tips that will also help the Bible class teacher. Be careful though. Even if you aren’t volunteering in a faith-based tutoring program, don’t skip the chapters on the various academic subjects. I found something in almost every chapter I could adapt slightly and use when teaching kids the Bible.

As with anything, there are points with which I disagree. Frankly, they are mostly stylistic changes I would make to a few of his teaching suggestions. I would expect to find that in almost any education book. The author does point out a lot of the problems with the current public educational system. If you are a proponent of public schools, you may come away feeling he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. If you are already aware of the issues, the information won’t surprise you. Honestly, it’s a small enough part of each chapter that you could easily skim past it while looking for your next great tip.

If you want to improve your teaching skills, there is a lot of information in this book that can help you. Even experienced educators may come away with a couple of new ideas. It’s definitely worth adding to your reading list.

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